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Miskolc is the county-seat of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, the third biggest town of Hungary. As the gate of Bükk Mountains it has unequalled nature environment.  

The nearby mountains and cleanwater lakes can be ideal relaxation places to the residents and visitors - for trips and journeys, angling and swimming etc.

The Cavebath of Miskolctapolca, the mountain-railway of Lillafüred, the Zoo of Miskolc gives you memorable experiences.

Our town has plenty of variable cultural programs.

Miskolc organises the only open winter-festival in Hungary, called "Miskolci Kocsonyafesztivál" ("kocsonya" is a Hungarian food-speciality, a kind of salty-spicy jelly).

Our most famous summer event is the International Opera Festival organized by the National Theatre of Miskolc.

The Castle of Diósgyőr also organises high level events: "Borsodi Fonó" International Folklore Festival with world-famous artists; the also very popular "Kaláka" Folklore Festival; the so-called Castle Games of Diósgyőr with period dresses and meals; etc.

The Gallery of Miskolc are waiting for you with periodic and steady exhibitions, the new House of Arts with variable performances, the "Csodamalom" Puppet Theatre with children programs.

These programs are only parts of our town's events, for more information please visit our tourism portal.

City centre (5 km/3 miles)

City centre

Castle of Diósgyőr (10 km/6 miles)

Castle of Diósgyőr

Csanyik-valley, Zoo of Miskolc (12 km/7 miles)

Csanyik-valley, Zoo of Miskolc

Lillafüred (15 km/9 miles)


H 3519 Miskolctapolca Kiss J. u. 4.
Phone: +36 (46) 422-330, +36 (46) 782-410 Fax: +36 (46) 422-331
E-mail: info@hotellido-miskolc.hu